The Standards of an Online Casino

Remember that the satisfaction of the consumer is the ultimate aim of your services and he must be respected to gain the high profits for your casino. This is basically a service industry and so it is important for the online casinos to follow certain basic standards and norms which maintain their success in this […]

New online casino games and big wins on bets

Assassin Moon is one of the new games that Triple Edge Studios has developed as an exclusive version for Microgaming casinos. Great graphics, includes a story that tells us about a beautiful female assassin from Monte Carlo. Her name is Luna. It is a slot with good maximum rewards and relies on a few basic […]

Money withdrawal problems in online casinos

Withdrawal of funds is considered a positive event, but in reality it sometimes turns out quite the opposite. From this almost no one is insured, moreover, no one knows what “surprise” the casino can offer to its player, trying to withdraw money. The user may have a number of negative points, which will eventually have […]

Safety comes first at the casino

The main thing that any professional gambler will tell you about is the security of the site or applications that you use. But most novices pay attention first of all to bright banners and other advertising “dash”, which has nothing to do with practicality. Here plays one important psychological moment – the excited waiting for […]

How to secure your online casino account

Today, to access the entire catalogue of gambling offered by online casinos, you can in one click. While searching for the same online casino, you will find hundreds of options, often quite the same. In such an abundance (and casinos thousands) is difficult to make a decision. And while choosing an online casino is a […]

Facts about progressive jackpots

The popularity of slot machines on the Internet is growing rapidly, as online casinos have become a common form of entertainment in many countries. Just as land-based casinos are massively frequented due to their diversity, online casinos are not just spinning drums slots. One of the reasons for the demand for slot machines from curious […]

Slot machines – a game for pensioners

Another funny tip is that you should contact one of the lower level employees, and he will tell you which machine is easier to win. In exchange for information, you’ll have to offer him a share of your winnings. But bartenders, waiters and janitors have no idea which slot machine has the best chance of […]

The myth about automatic game mode function

Playing with a predefined number of automatic spins is an excellent option, especially for a number of not very exciting slots. It helps to save your strength from clicking on a spin button a million times. However, many believe that the game in automatic mode reduces the winning potential. The lack of control scares those […]

Myths about time and space in casinos

It’s the most popular myth category. Probably because it’s not completely absurd and has at least some reasonable justification. Gamblers often believe that the slots have a higher chance of winning at certain times of day, for example, early in the morning, on public holidays or weekends. Another misconception is that the level of payments […]

The best strategies for playing casino

Video poker has existed for over 50 years and has only gained popularity since its first appearance in the world. A firm favourite at both traditional casinos and online casinos, video poker is a simple game with great chances of winning. It is thanks to this opportunity that video poker is becoming more and more […]