Money withdrawal problems in online casinos

Money withdrawal problems in online casinos

Withdrawal of funds is considered a positive event, but in reality it sometimes turns out quite the opposite. From this almost no one is insured, moreover, no one knows what “surprise” the casino can offer to its player, trying to withdraw money. The user may have a number of negative points, which will eventually have a negative impact on the player’s capital. This online games casino article will indicate the situation with the withdrawal of funds from a fictional player Ivan.

Ivan introduced a large amount of money to the casino, and after a while fate multiplied his capital by several times. What to do in this situation? Of course, you need to withdraw the money immediately! With high spirits, the lucky man rushed to a previously unknown place, the section of withdrawal of money. But there he had a very unpleasant surprise waiting for him: the withdrawal is allowed only with a passport scan. What is the problem? He is an adult, and the casino has long established itself online. The player without delay provided a scan of his passport, and after a short period of time the portal administration approved the document….
It should be noted that recently, many casinos are interested in getting passport scans from users.

Money withdrawal problems in online casinos

Ivan’s screen flirted with bright colors – these were the logos of payment systems, which worked with online casinos. There were really many of them! Flipping through the list… yeah… here’s a familiar “logo”… Webmani! Perfect! The inscription: “Enter the desired amount of withdrawal” … “Oh, great, I’ll withdraw all 30 000 c.u.. ” – he thinks, but soon it turns out: there is a weekly limit: 15 000 c.u. “Well, here I will be loyal, and tomorrow I will print the rest. After the user has specified all the data, a comforting inscription appeared on the screen: “The specified amount will be credited to your account within ‘N’ days.
The specified term has long passed, and the account still does not have money … “What is it? Have I been deceived? Where are my funds?” – the first thoughts that appeared to Vanya. The player did not get confused and quickly described the situation in arbitration. After a while he got the answer: “Withdrawal of your funds is not possible due to problems with Webmani payment system. Please try to withdraw your money to other electronic wallets or bank cards. In order to withdraw money to other payment systems – make a minimum deposit and “scroll” it 3 times. Only after that you will be able to withdraw. Surprise, however, you want to withdraw money… A person transfers a certain amount of money to his casino account and plays it… That’s it! Now you can apply for withdrawal of money in Qiwi. Filed, is waiting for the withdrawal….

A short period of time passes, as Ivan received a “fun” letter: “Sorry for the inconvenience, the casino ran out of finances, when they appear, we’ll write to you”. The situation is really difficult, there is almost nothing you can do, you just have to wait…

It’s been a long time, and there’s still no response from the casino. Which is the conclusion from this? “I was brutally deceived,” Vanya thought, but what can be done in such a situation? A friend advised him to urgently contact the police. Ivan was a smart man – he collected all the evidence and went to the law enforcement agencies to write a statement, but there was still little evidence. Moreover, there was no visual evidence of casino guilt and the upset player went home…

Deciding for the last time to look at the casino site, Ivan found out that his money had been taken out, but what path he had taken….

Be careful in the game, as well as learn all the details in advance. This article should go in favor. If you know all the details, everything will be fine!!